Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am too old to experiment with new drugs. I am too old to drive recklessly, to blame my parents for my disappointments, to chew bubble gum. I am too old for blue eyeliner or pink hair or hostels. I am too old to be unemployed or irresponsible or thoughtless.

I believed I was too old to make a new friend—a real friend, a friend for life.

I was wrong.


Your Mother said...

And who is this new friend?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I have read all your blogs and i think you are a fantastic writer!! Keep in touch.

Jordana said...

Ditto on what your mother said... who is this new friend? If you say "London", I will be very disappointed.

Vic said...

I imagine she's talking about the concierge at Claridges. Or maybe the man who took her room-service orders. Or the cab driver who drove her to the Charles Lamb pub and called her 'love'. Isn't that right?