Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I received a package today in my P.O box from Sundaram Tagore Gallery in New York. A client of mine (an interior designer I worked with for a time) had been interested in buying a piece from them some time ago. Well, to put it better, I found a beautiful piece by an Indian artist named Natvar Bhavsar that I wanted my client to buy. Alas, he was not as enthusiastic about the painting as I was, but the gallery, god bless them, continues dutifully to mail me wonderful and expensive-looking publications. Apparently they consider me a serious collector. The book I received today was a book of photographs by Ken Heyman.

What amazes me about documentary photography is the degree to which it creates nothing new. The photographer simply captures what is already happening without him. It seems so much less tortured than writing or painting where one is expected, with few tools, to create something wholly new and unexpected.
A photographer's genius comes from his ability to take an entirely realized tool--the world--and make it beautiful.

New Blog Schedule

Sorry about my absence, fair furried readership of my heart. I am re-organizing the way this blog will work from here on out. Starting tomorrow, the blog will be published every Monday and Thursday. Monday will be a personal story or anecdote in the style of the blog to date, and Thursday will be a review (art, theater, film etc.) or a story about someone else. (Maybe by someone else? Guest bloggers?)

Whadaya think, guys? Does that suit?