Friday, June 04, 2010


And from across the table, she sent the following email:

are you listening to this conversation next to us? hilarious. for the sake of the retelling i shall call them clare and marcy:

marcy: so you have all your nieces and nephews, your brothers' kids!

clare: no, all my nieces are from john's side.

marcy: oh, so none from your brother?

clare: no, actually i don't have a brother. but i have a sister.

marcy: oh, that's right! a sister. an older sister.

clare: younger.

marcy: oh, yes! a younger sister. and she's an... artist. some sort of an artist.

clare (with her mouth full): first grade.

marcy: a first grade artist! well that's great.

clare: no, a first grade teacher.

marcy: right! and her name is.... breanna.

clare: joya.

marcy: ha, well, i guess i don't really remember that much about your sister! well that's all great!

clare: yeah, it's nice. we're really close. i'm going to go and see her next weekend.

marcy: oh how nice! on staten island?

clare: new jersey.

marcy: right.

this is why i'm laughing:

marcy: the thing about these parties is that they begin...... and they end.


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