Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Imagine being in a place—say, a movie set—with people running around everywhere. They wear walkie-talkies. They say things like, “10-4” and “Copy that”. They stop traffic.

Imagine yourself, sitting there, amidst all this chaotic job-doing, waiting.

With a scarf wrapped around your head like a Latvian refugee, you sit. With bad catering fish fighting digestion in your stomach, you sit. Sipping on your eleventh cup of tea, you sit there, breathing, with nothing better to do than write in your notebook and age.

Welcome to my day.

I did manage to make quite an impression on one of the actors. He is six, of course, but he was the only one who seemed to respond to my eerily life-like monkey face. The lead actress just smiled weakly and looked at my shoes.

I suppose I’ll make myself another cup of tea. God, I wish there was a bathroom here.

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